Professional Geek.

That’s what I wanted to be when I was a kid. That, or a fireman. For many years, neither dream was to be realized; I labored in the corporate world of commercial insurance. I decided, though, that you’re never too young or crazy to follow a dream, even one you had when you were 11 years old and meeting Andre Norton for the first time. I seized my opportunity, took a deep breath and jumped over the edge...and now offer my services as an online, virtual assistant and social sites manager to media geeks. I'm also back in school, pursuing a Graphic Design Degree. I combine my knowledge of geeky worlds and fandom, with the management, research, writing and people skills I acquired when working the corporate world for almost two decades. I offer month to month, ongoing services and a la carte project services to my clients. Contact me at to discuss what I can do for you, to make your corner of Geekdom better, and help you share your geeky goodness with the rest of the world.

Frabjous Findings

If you're curious about what a chipper, geeky, goth gyrl might be attracted to, check out these links - they showoff some of the most commonly used tags that I tumble. So, as Culture Club says, I'll tumble for ya!

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